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PastPerfect Online Sample Site

This site has been created for our clients to see what is possible with the newest version of PastPerfect Online. We've uploaded the dataset from the PastPerfect Evaluation Version which is filled with little treasures. There are many advanced design and field sharing options available, but we hope this one site will give you a general taste of what PastPerfect Online is all about. Whether sharing 1000 or 100,000 records, the easiest and most cost effective solution remains PastPerfect!

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Featured Items

Every month our curators select three of their favorite artifacts or archival items to exhibit. These items are on display in the Main Hall for one month only! Stop by the museum to see these rarely-seen collections before they are returned to their storage locations.

Features Artifact Image Features Artifact Image Features Artifact Image

Searching the Collection

Not sure where to start? Try our Random Images search on the navigation menu. It allows you to wander around the collections in no particular order. This is a fantastic way to discover many of our rarely seen treasures.

Looking for simple search tool? Try our Keyword Search to look across hundreds of fields in thousands of records. Use quotes around phrases to make your search more specific. Use the * to find things that begin with a string of text. Searching Rock* will return both Rocks and Rocky.

Digging for something even more specific? Try using Advanced Search to look for certain words within certain search categories. This type of search allows you to look specifically in Name fields for the family name White without having to sift through all of the Black & White photographs, and postcards from the White House.

Requesting Reproductions

Reproductions from this museum are not available online, but may be requested by email. Please contact us for additional information or visit our website to review our reproduction policy.

Submitting Feedback

We appreciate your opinions and welcome your comments and concerns. Simply click the Send Feedback button at the top of each catalog record screen to send us your thoughts. A member of our staff will be in touch with you within two business days.